Lumia 520

Recently, a gentleman friend of mine, Bankole of TechCabal, purchased a brand new Nokia Lumia 520, but found out immediately that the camera button was defective. Yesterday, another friend and a developer, Tag, purchased a unit that had the same fault. I was able to get my hands on Tag’s unit and can confirm that indeed the camera shutter button isn’t working. When the button is held and pushed, it doesn’t launch the camera app. I tweeted about this and got some responses indicating that some others had run into this same issue on their Lumia 520. Here is a sample tweet:

In at least one case, a buyer who returned their unit, and got a replacement, reports that the replacement had the same issue and had to be returned. Nokia Nigeria has responded on twitter to say that the issue will be addressed. here”

That is a good response by Nokia. To be sure, not all units have that fault. Many buyers seem happy with their devices.

Quick Tip

In the meantime, if you are interested in buying one, here is our tip: at the store you are buying from, insist that the tester tries out the camera button right in front of you. That way, if the unit is faulty, it can be replaced there and then, so you go home with a fully functional device.

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