It is not news that besides manufacturing phones, Samsung also builds many of the memory chips, processors, displays and other components that other mobile manufacturers use. Some of Samsung’s clients have been Apple and Nokia. A feature by Apple Insider reports that just as Apple had to drop Samsung as a supplier of key mobile components, Nokia too may be considering same. And the reason is “potential conflicts of interest” AKA industrial espionage AKA photocopy.

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Back to the article, here is a quote that paints a sad picture:

The individual [industry insider] stated that Samsung has “a record of getting orders for next-gen components, then canceling the orders. And then they show up in a Samsung phone. When you see a Samsung (certain specialized new design for) OLED phone as you surely will, you are looking at something that was stolen from Nokia.”

These are serious allegations, and it saddens me to read them. If Samsung is really doing this, shame on them. If they are not, well….

Your thoughts on the whole drama?


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