Angry Birds2

Angry Birds 2 set to be released by the end of this month

Owners of the Angry Birds franchise have announced they will release a sequel to their popular game. This one is claimed to be Bigger, Badder, and Birdier. There isn't any game play details, screenshots, or teaser trailers tease the public. There's also no information on the mobile platform(s) or devices where it will be first…

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Google Photos

Google Photos replaces Google+ Photos (read that again, slowly)

On August 1st, 2015, Google will start to shut down Google+ Photos and replace it with the newly launched Google Photos. The new app serves as gallery for all user photos and videos. -- initially Because Google+ Photos on Android will soon stop working, users are advised to download the new Google Photos app right…

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Pick up a TECNO Boom J7 for just N18,000 in this #DealOfTheWeek

Our special deal this week is TECNO's media-centric smartphone, Boom J7. Its specifications include: 5-inch display 4.4.2 Kitkat 1.3GHz quad-core processor 8 megapixel camera 1GB RAM 2020 mAh battery Dual SIM standby, Dual SIM We are offering this at a subsidized price of N18,000. Standard price in the market is N22,000, so you are getting…

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