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Nokia Launches Lumia 920 Next Tuesday November 20th

Lumia Lagos Launch

Earlier this week, I received an invite to “Come and be blown away by Lumia” next week Tuesday, 20th of November 2012. The event is the launch of the Lumia 920 here in Lagos. Of course, I am salivating at prospects of a hands-on with the flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, and so I will be there.

This morning, I ran into several retweets and tweets about how a possible price range of N150,000 to N170,000 is being speculated for the 920. I can tell you authoritatively from sources within Nokia  that the speculated price band is way off the mark. The Lumia 920 will not cost that much, so take a chill pill, people.

Let’s make it a date next week Tuesday.

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10 comments on “Nokia Launches Lumia 920 Next Tuesday November 20th”

  1. Afewgoodmen Reply

    I hope so, for their own good. Nokia blew it with me for refusing to support Nigeria for their initial Lumia launch. By jettisoning Nigeria that time, also meant breaking my heart, and I’m not ready to go back that awful way this time around just yet. Maybe next time. A terrible decision they did.

    And the Galaxy Note II is still on my mind!

  2. Abubakar Mahmud Reply

    Well,the cheaper the better for nokia currently facing the battle of its life for putting all its eggs in one basket of windows phone Os.And with series of android phones all over the place,introducing the wp devices with huge price will not be a good decision for their market in nigeria being a symbian fan nation.Anyway,lets see how it feels on tuesday.Mr Mo, we shall be waiting for ur 808PW vs L920 blind test.

  3. E. Ifeanyi Uzomah (spacyzuma) Reply

    If Nokia needs to sell lots of WP8 phones, the prices have to pocket-friendly, and they have to be available in as many markets as possible. It’s good it’s getting an official launch in Nigeria, and I’m sure it will be available without any network-locking.

    In the UK, the Lumia 920 is only available through only one network, EE, and they want a 12 or 24-month contract. The overall cost of the contract is at least 800 pounds, which is ridiculous when the same phone can be bought sim-free in US and Canada for $430-500 (315-380 pounds). Nokia is just shooting itself in the foot here. *smh in disgust*

  4. Noni Reply

    Hasn’t MTN already said they’re planning to have the Lumia 920 on their network? At least someone has woken up to the fact that Lumia’s won’t only sell in certain countries but elsewhere as well.

    Look forward to hearing the pricing and who will be the official resellers.

  5. Zsch Reply

    MTN? *scoffs* Our network providers are guilty of selling devices at much higher rates than even trusted stores in Nigeria. so MTN can go stuff it.

    Hope the price is right though.

  6. andy Reply

    When I saw the tweet on the possible price of L920, I said “RIP nokia”. Personally my joy isn’t just the coming of L920 to Nigeria market, but I am hoping that the launch of L920 will/may push down the price of of the almighty 808PV. To me, getting 808PV is prerequisite for getting L920. So, let’s wait and see come 20th Of Nov.

  7. Johnny_Babangida Reply

    Nokia has truly surprised me.
    I thought until the official anoucement of next generation of lumia phones before nokia thinks about releasing the lumia 920 in Nigeria, just like they did with the lumia 900.

  8. Belushi Reply

    Good news. Nokia needs to spread its wings and fast. The mobile market ain’t waiting for any OEM. If the wrong price tag is placed on the lumia, death wish straight. I really would like to see the WP8 grow and become as competitive as the likes of Android and ios. It going to be better for the consumers.

  9. samirusman Reply

    With this launch, Nokia will join the ranks of Samsung, Blackberry and other OEM’s who have started doing product launches in Nigeria. This is a testatment to the enourmous potential & strong market that Nigeria possesses. I hope other OEM’s like HTC & Apple will also make their presence felt in the country.

    The new Nokia Lumia 920 will the first WP8 device to be launched in Nigeria. Therefore, pricing is a critical factor in its sales. For me personally, am looking @ a price range of N80,000 – to N90,000. Anything above that & I would rather get an Iphone. The Samsung Galaxy SIII is priced in that range also too the Galaxy Note II. With their partnership with MTN, I see a great data bundle offer in the works. Plus Nokia warranty & after sales repairs is a bonus. Just hope they don’t disappoint.

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