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MNP: Is Celebration Necessary?

Posted by Cyril on April 25, 2013  /   Posted in Tips


It’s Cyril again. If you dont know who I am, search through Mobility. If you do now me, you know by now that I am a Serial Eavesdropper. So as usual, this morning on my way somewhere else, I stopped by my friend @Gbenro’s Office (Just to annoy Mr Mo, he now calls it the TechZoo)  and met an ongoing argument.

@Random Guest: I wont be porting anything! It’s Useless!

@G: It’s a Slightly Useful Service..

@RG: No its not! its useful when a Market is emerging, not this far into the game! Every network now has infrastructure. What unique Groundbreaking Service makes me want to port?

@G: But, But, See we should Commend the NCC for at least…

@RG: Sharrap!!! Do you commend a day-old baby for suckling on a teat? My friend in Accra has used all the networks in Ghana while maintaining his original number. What have they done? What exactly is their Achievement?

@G: No need to be rude. So what you are saying is that there is no need to be excited when your retarded 11 year old learns to speak?

ME: Are you calling NCC a retarded 11 Year old?!! :o

Both (Simultaneously) : Sharrap Cyril!!

@RG: Look I am leaving now before this gets political, but think about this, if this feature had existed back then, before getting 4 lines, you could have ported your 0803 (bought cheaply :)) to test Airtel, Glo, Mtel, and now Etisalat. Now you own all 4 and can’t port without losing Data Plans or Service type (Post paid or PrePaid). You need to basically re-register the SIM! You lose 2 days of calls. In essence, it is useful if you are getting your first line, but not for old timers. (RG walks out)

@G: Cyril, How can I help you today?

Me: I saw the port videos. I liked Saka’s dance and came to ask what is the benefit of porting?

@G: Gerrout!!! (mumbles: Oniranu)

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About Cyril

Cyril Hardchild is a freshly minted Social Media Critic. Cyril is a Nom de plume for a Serial eavesdropper, like the late Bernie Mac used to say, “I say what you are scared to say”. follow my line of reasoning @CyrilHardchild


  1. eye_bee_kay April 25, 2013 10:55 am / Reply

    the good in this is that it would engender greater Competition among the providers.

    they want our patronage. the way to do things is render better and / or cheaper service.

    either way, the industry is the better for it.

  2. Austine Ezemelue April 25, 2013 11:48 am / Reply

    It’s coming out late quite late, but it’s better late than never.
    in the long run, it may lead to a reduction in the number of SIMs that we have

  3. Deen April 25, 2013 1:28 pm / Reply

    Firstly, I believe the appropriate attitude should be “Cautious Optimism” rather than “Celebration”. As with everything Nigerian, intention doesn’t always match actual execution.

    Secondly, the statement “You lose 2 days of calls” is simply not true. To my understanding, your old line will continue to work until the porting is completed, at which point it will stop working. You immediately insert your new sim which would have started working. Of course this is merely the way its ‘intended’ to work. The reality may end up being quite different.

    Thirdly, speaking purely for myself, if this MNP is done properly, its a godsend for me. I’ve been using the same number for over a decade and I’ve always resisted the need to carry two phones. However, for the past year my network provider has driven me almost to the point of suicide. So, now I carry two phones and I hate it. Clearly MNP was made for me and I intend to use it eventually. But I’ll wait a few months first, to see if they can deliver on their promises.

  4. ebunma April 25, 2013 10:02 pm / Reply

    NCC should have started this from the inception of gsm when we all own one sim or at most two. Now, why do I need to port from glo to etisalat when I already have etisalat sim and vice versa. Far from excitement. . .

  5. martinkem April 25, 2013 10:15 pm / Reply

    I certainly won’t be porting as I already have a sweet setup…Cheap calls on MTN Supersaver and cheap data with Airtel’s BSM on Android..
    if it ain’t broke why fix it

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