Lately, I keep running into people who refer to me as poor because I use an Android device. “You cannot afford an iPad. That is why you use the Galaxy Note 10.1,” is the subtle (or not so subtle) message embedded in these Apple fanboys’ arguments.

While I will not even attempt to address the issue of fanboyism on this post, I will however address the fact that I chose to get the Galaxy Note 10.1 instead of an iPad 3 because of the stylus or S Pen that comes with the Note. Another reason that propelled me to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the software skin called Touchwiz that Samsung puts on top of stock or default Android.

Features such as Multi-Window where you can run more than one application at a time, and pop-up play where you can play a video and still continue using the device are some of the novelties that come bundled with TouchWiz on Samsung’s Android devices.

I can watch a video, surf the web, and tweet at the same time. Pretty sweet right? Well, according to the aforementioned fanboys, that is wrong. As far as they are concerened, I got the Note 10.1 because the Apple iPad is too expensive for me.

I usually do not enter into fanboy arguments, but it just got to me today [yesterday]. I mean why will you just conclude that I only use an Android device because I cannot afford the overpriced gadgets spewed out by Apple? Today [yesterday] alone, I had four (4) Apple fanboys telling me that Android is meant for and used by cheapskates and anger just brewed in me.

It is no secret that Apple’s gadgets are over-priced – way high above the competition – but you do not see me taking a stab at them for that. Neither will you see me call an Apple product like the iPhone 5, for example, a glorified toy for simpletons who are not brilliant enough to know how real (Android) phone runs.

Okay so the above paragraph was too harsh but you get how it sounds like when I’m called poor just because I prefer openness, customisation and choice over a stale, closed and tiny screen device like the iPhone. I’m not hating. Neither am I against the iPhone, but “To each his own” is a philosophy I go by. I do not judge a person based on the side they chose. FYI, I have indeed seen geeks who use iPhones and they are pretty happy with it.

Almost everybody who I’ve seen who uses Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III or the Note II can afford the iPhone 5 two times over but they chose their Galaxy phones and they are happy with them. And for your information, not everyone who uses the oft-mentioned iPhone 5 have bootloads of cash either. We know those who borrow or empty their bank accounts (or sleep around) to get an iPhone 5 (or any other phone for that matter too).

No; I am not a cheapskate because I use an Android device. Those who call me or infact any other Android user a cheapskate obviously do not know that sweat and blood is required before we drop it for our “cheap” Android device. To each his own! *drops mic and walks off stage sweating*

Let the comments begin!

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