Right now in the tablet and smartphone world, there are two main forks to pick from: Android and iOS. This guide is for people who are stuck between choosing a device running Android or one running iOS. As far as I can tell, the most noticeable difference in how you use devices across both platforms will be in copying files to/from your device.

USB-to-PC: You can connect your Android device to a PC via USB cable and it would show up as an external drive on the PC, allowing you to copy and move files to it as you would a USB flash drive. On iOS, you need to install Apple’s software, iTunes, on your PC so you can synchronise music, video and any other supported files. You cannot copy and paste files directly as obtains on Android.

Bluetooth: On the average Android device, you can send and receive images, music, video and other files from other devices by Bluetooth. That is impossible on an iOS device, unless you choose to jailbreak the device. Jailbreaking is like hacking your device, if you understand what that means. If you don’t understand it, it is likely that you’re not a geek and you shouldn’t just bother.

MicroSD card: Android OS supports microSD cards. Those are removable memory cards that you can store your files on. Most Android devices have a microSD card slot for such cards. iOS devices do not have this slot.

Your Call

There are lots of people using devices on either side comfortably. Functionality wise, both Android and iOS are capable platforms. The question hence is: which works better for you? Do you prefer the greater options that Android offers or are you comfortable with Apple’s limited connectivity options on iOS? The choice is yours.

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