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Monthly Archives: April 2012

What is the problem with my BlackBerry 9810 and WordPress Mobile?

Some days ago, I published an article titled “What is the problem with Etisalat BIS and WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry?” In brief, I have been unable to setup and manage any WordPress account on the BlackBerry WordPress app. This article is a sequel to that. I mentioned the following in that article: – that it […]

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Mister Mobility interviewed ahead of Mobile Web West Africa 2012

oTekBits is an online magazine with daily coverage of everything happening within the startups, technology and developers ecosystem. They got hold of our own Mister Mobility who is chairing for the second year running at Mobile Web West Africa 2012. The intro: Mobile Web West Africa 2012 Conference (MWWA2012) is here, and we are already […]

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Popular apps created exclusively for Nigerians now available on BlackBerry

Lagos, Nigeria – Popular applications created for BlackBerry®customersin Nigeria are enabling them to getinformation, news and entertainment in simple and easy ways on their BlackBerry smartphones. One example is the Nigerian Constitution App, which first launched in September 2011. The free-to-download app, created by Pledge51, a start-up company owned by local developers Zubair Abubakar and […]

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What is the problem with Etisalat BIS and WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry?

I have been using WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry for months on my Etisalat BlackBerry complete plan without issues. Suddenly, a little over a week ago, I began to get error messages. Shortly after that, the WordPress app stopped connecting. If you are trying to setup a WordPress blog/ account, a connection is not established, and […]

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Mobilista – Episode 2: Night Shift

Bola was late and she knew it. Hopefully, Nnamdi was late too. But if not, he didn’t like being kept waiting. The fastest way to lose him was to keep him waiting. He would be polite about it – her Nnamdi the gentleman, but it wouldn’t change the fact that he was displeased. However, nothing […]

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PlirisBlaze in the House!

The PlirisBlaze package arrived via Fedex a few days ago, courtesy of the nice people at PlirisMobile Nigeria Limited, makers of the smartphone. PlirisBlaze is an Android smartphone with the following specs: 4-inch TFT 480 x 800 pixel capacitive multi-touch display Android OS v2.3.4 Gingerbread DUAL SIM in Dual Standby Mode 3G/3.5G MicroSD card slot […]

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How to move your BBM contacts without resending friend requests

So you have a new BlackBerry smartphone with 99 (or 666) BlackBerry Messenger contacts, and you want to move your contacts from the old device to the new one without having to manually re-send a BBM request. BlackBerry Messenger offers a Backup Management feature that makes this easy-peachy. Backup from Current phone Open BBM on […]

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